A trip

The first song (not single) from Tame Impala’s impending album, ‘Lonerism’. Totally blowing my mind with the nostalgic 70s sounds and reverbs. The aptly named ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ fills my eyelids with scenes of dystopic landscapes and hazy remembrances. As always, the track adheres to Tame Impala’s ‘There’s a party in my head, and no one is invited’ philosophy (Read: Solitude is Bliss). I believe the followup album comes out in October, and they’re also playing at Parklife this year, which should be one huge party.

Is it called Octopus because I feel like they have so many tendrils banging and groping at my eardrums? On first listen, I decided it was a pretty tight reunion track what with its crazy riffs and the return of Kele’s distinct vocals. I conclude it’s a good track, though not a memorable one.

And the latest from local Sydney band, my personal favourite, Sticky Fingers. You’ve got to hand it to these fellas for consistency. Creating another sway-inducing psychedelic dub tune, ‘Caress your soul’ is the first track from their forthcoming debut album (to be released March next year). Sweet riffs, tight production and Dylan Frost’s mellow vocals does crazy things to my ears.


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