First taste

Hip-hop and I haven’t really had a long history, this being especially true for Australian hip-hop. But after I did an album review for Urthboy, I found myself listening almost exclusively to Aussie hip-hop in the following weeks. There are many reasons to explain hip-hop’s absence from my playlists over the years; the standout being its conflicting nature with me as a person, and the excessive use of the ‘c’ word. But lolz aside, I’ve always had this sweeping generalisation applied to all hip-hop artists in my mind, that is, presuming that lyrical content is limited to making ‘dem dollaz $$$’ and ‘bitches n hoes,’ as well as that characteristic so particular to Aussie rap; the accent which seems amplified in verse. However, in the few short weeks I’ve used to dip my toes (there is probably a better analogy for this) into the landscape of Aussie hip-hop, I’ve gotten in touch with a newfound appreciation for a genre I have overlooked for so long. Diverse, clever, and both lyrically and melodically sound, here are a few tracks I’ve scoured:

Spit Syndicate – “Beauty in the Bricks”

The latest from Sydney hip-hop duo, this track is produced by Adit from fellow hip-hop outfit, Horrorshow.  “Beauty in the Bricks” is the first single from Spit Syndicate’s third studio album, Sunday Gentlemen, paying homage to their roots in Sydney and all things new.

Jimblah – “Blind”

This big guy just got signed to Elefant Traks and what excites me most is that I don’t think I’ve heard anyone else that sounds like him. Big call, I know, but take a listen to this:

Hermitude – “Golden”

This track is from their latest album HyperParadise. On this particular YouTube link, you will notice a very observant Youtuber has commented: “This song is like clouds high-fiving each other.” I whole-heartedly agree, dear sir; this particular song makes me want to move my shoulders like Beyonce in her “Run the World (Girls)” video (but in time to the track, der.).

Jimblah’s full album, Face the Fire is also free to download here.


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