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Tuka at the Annandale, taken by me.

I thought without uni and a lesser need to venture into the city I’d spend less and save more. I clearly underestimated my reckless bank-breaking abilities. Although, having said that I’ve been having a ball going to gigs and beating all of my friends at our board game nights (Just kidding! I never win). Anyway, this is the soundtrack so far to the first month of my break:

Mitzi are a Brissie quartet that makes funky disco t00ns. I was first introduced to them when I had to interview keyboardist Jad Lee. Really digging “Who will love you now,” they sound a little bit Breakbot/Hot Chip, which is always good when the time comes to bust out some moves; they rocked the house last night at Goodgod. At this point I also feel a need to do a shoutout to the Goodgod photographers who were part of my whole experience. I watched with a sense of amusement and confusion as these guys did lunges with a leg up on stage or shouldered the punters in the front to take a snap of the sweaty brows of said musicians. I love to see that passion and determination to get a good shot, but I often had to check myself saying, “Sharon, you’re not here to people-watch photographers, you’re here for Mitzi.”

So excited to hear from these guys again after their solid debut, Gorilla Manor. “Breakers” lived up to all my expectations and I’m in the keenest state a bean could be in to get my hands on their next record.

There has been so much hype around this Sydney producer, he tops the list of people I want to see live. Flume’s collaborated with another local on his debut, Anna Lunoe, who lends her nonchalant vocals to this funky track – good vibes all round. Cool video by the way, though it would have been infinitely improved if Harley Streten aka Flume pulled more of these moves.

I went to my first hip-hop show last week and loved it. All my “friends” were super encouraging when I told them I was expanding my musical horizons, saying things like “Shaz…,” “lulz you’re not a gangsta” or just laughing in my face. Great, y’all! But all that aside, Tuka was the man I saw and he’s a PERFORMER. I’m not saying that lightly either, he was super switched on and fed off the crowd’s energy, giving it off in equal amounts mixed with perspiration and theatrics. But seriously I was really glad I decided to go see him and all his mates (Jeswon, Ellesquire, Tenth Dan etc.) This song is genius, and so is the other one he did with Jane Tyrell which you can find here. I am so dedicated I vow to buy a copy of his album once my account balance exceeds $0.96. True.

This has been kicking around for a while, but Flight Facilities seem to have a knack for finding fitting vocalists to complement their superior production skillz. Christine Hoberg’s vocals have an ethereal quality, and the whole seven and a half minutes is a perfectly self contained, blissed-out dream.

That’s me done for the night! Have you noticed 80% of this post was dedicated to Australians? Great job guys, killing it – NME says so too! I’ve been sticking almost exclusively to local bands and gigs myself this past month, and it’s definitely worthwhile seeing these people hustle day and night to get their art out there.


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