T. Dub + Mr. French


Been a reaaaaallly long time. I’m a shitty blogger but I’m still writing many, many reviews and features (just not on here). Have a click around on Music Feeds and The Brag to find some word jumble that I’ve rolled out. Having said that, I do have a review drafted for this humble WordPress here – coming at ya soon.

But right now, I’ve just finished putting the final touches on the full length interview I did with T.Dub and Mr. French. They give some insights into the world of graffiti art, introducing some really interesting perspectives. These kids are super talented and all round cool d00ds – worth checking out fo’ shizzy! Enough crazy talk from me, WATCH THIS VIDEO:

And before I go and take another three month break (I actually won’t, I do have another post coming up shortly), here is some ear fodder in the meantime:

Found these guys on triplej unearthed – yay Sydney music scene, you are great. I will be using more analytical phrases next time… until then, bruddaz!


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